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Colon Hydrotherapy for Gut Health, Skin Detox & Immune Support

Toxins are everywhere — from caffeine, alcohol and cleaning supplies to our very air, food and water. They’re a major unseen health risk that we don’t even realize is negatively impacting our lives. On average, most individuals have up to seven pounds of fecal matter in their colons, which typically results from undigested processed foods and mucoid plaque. It’s no wonder we feel unhealthy — our colons are suffering needlessly. But how does one remove these damaging toxins? By an incredibly cleansing process known as colon hydrotherapy.

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We live in a world full of toxins, so we must pay attention to detoxification of our bodies in order to truly improve our health. Whether you’re a young professional, an athlete or a person in your golden years, colon hydrotherapy is the first step towards detoxifying your body. In addition to cleansing your colon, our world-class colon cleansing treatment provides a number of additional health benefits.

GMOs, pesticides, excessive sugar consumption, alcohol and environmental factors such as stress can all have a detrimental effect on your body, putting you at greater risk of disease, digestive conditions and an overall lower quality of life. Gently cleansing the colon supports your body’s natural detoxification processes, lowering your health risk and improving your overall well-being.

Colon cleansing has a long and well-documented history of effectiveness, dating as far back as the Egyptian and Mesopotamian societies of 5000 B.C. Throughout history, gut health has been considered one of the main deciding factors of one’s overall health, a widely acknowledged theory first popularized by academics like Galen, Da Vinci, Plato and Hippocrates.

In modern medicine, this theory has become universally accepted knowledge. Cleansing your colon of accumulated waste decreases bloating and rehabilitates the colon’s natural muscular movement. It also relieves gas and gas pain, provides mental and emotional clarity, decreases inflammation and helps hydrate the lower bowel. Combined with the colonic’s unmatched ability to help prevent disease, it’s no wonder they’re such a popular treatment!

Colon hydrotherapy is highly
recommended for:

  • IBS
  • Constipation
  • Digestive issues
  • Gut bacteria imbalances
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Skin conditions
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Back pain
  • Bad breath
  • Body odor
  • Achieving weight loss
  • Liver detoxification
  • Heavy metal detoxing
  • and more!

The Colon Hydrotherapy Process

Colon hydrotherapy is a gentle, comfortable treatment wherein filtered, temperature-controlled water is placed inside the rectum, flowing through the entire colon to soften fecal matter. This helps cleanse the colon by flushing out old toxins such as candida, parasites, mucus and undigested food particles, while also eliminating gas.

Unlike enemas, which do not reach the entire colon, colon hydrotherapy uses multiple flushes in a controlled, relaxed environment, causing the gentle evacuation of built-up fecal matter throughout the entire colon.

Our colon hydrotherapy entails minimal discomfort, and the treatment is carried out in a luxurious spa-like environment, providing a surprisingly relaxing, enjoyable experience designed to transform your perception of health and wellness.

HOCATT Ozone Therapy

Renew with Hocatt! Short for “Hyperthermic Ozone and Carbonic Acid Transdermal Therapy”. We invite you to come relax in our peaceful private rooms. While the body receives an Infusion of ozone, carbon dioxide, steam, Photon light, and oxygen.


Improved muscle tone of the colon

A cleaner colon reduces toxic intestinal residue, alleviating a variety of digestive issues and helping ensure proper function for years to come.

Improved sense of well-being

The colon is completely hydrated throughout the session, promoting improved blood flow that results in better organ function.

Improved libido and reduced PMS symptoms

Hydrated muscles surrounding the reproductive system allow for less inflammation and pressure on these organs, helping them function more effectively.

Increased immunity

A colon free of toxins improves the lymphatic system and absorption of nutrients. Immune-supporting white blood cells function more effectively.

Improved mood

Approximately 70% of all serotonin, the mood-stabilizing hormone, is produced in the gut. A healthier colon means more effective serotonin production and distribution.

Clearer skin

A healthier colon and gut microbiome improve the entire body’s ability to remove toxins, leading to clearer, healthier skin.

Improved weight loss

A digestive system operating at peak efficiency allows your body to do the same – improving metabolism, nutrient absorption, elimination and more.


I am Marina, the owner of Scottsdale Hydrotherapy. It took me 17 years of trial and error to overcome my digestion and gut issues. Through colon hydrotherapy and clean eating, I not only found the relief I was seeking but also a boost of health and energy. The restorative impact of detoxifying my body through colon irrigation was exactly what I needed. With Scottsdale hydrotherapy, I am able to share this healing with others, help them take charge, and enhance their own health.

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