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The Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy After Surgery

October 18, 2021

If you’ve been through surgery in the past you may remember having a constipation issue. If you’ve never had surgery you may want to discuss with your doctor the possibility of constipation post-op. First, it’s important to understand the reason for this constipation and the possible remedy.

The primary reason for constipation related to surgery is a combination of the anesthesia used for the surgery and the medication taken after the surgery to control pain. Anesthesia puts your muscles to sleep during surgery, but it does something else of note. It also does this to your intestines.  In addition, post-op pain medication is known to be a source of constipation.

It’s important to know ways to combat constipation. Here are 3 ideas:

  1. Stay Hydrated – it’s important as soon as you are able to drink fluids post-surgery that you do so (of course with your doctor’s approval).  Dehydration is another cause of constipation so you want to take dehydration out of the equation and make sure that does not impact your body in any way and contribute to constipation.
  2. Consume Fiber – Never underestimate the benefits of fiber! Fiber keeps everything moving through your system nicely. So make sure to keep up on your consumption of fruits and vegetables, after you are given approval to start eating again.
  3. Undergo Colon Hydrotherapy – Colon Hydrotherapy can be very beneficial to you after you go through surgery. While you are constipated, fecal matter builds up and if constipation is severe that waste may become impacted and cause further problems for you. A colon cleanse can alleviate this issue and basically wash out your system when your body isn’t naturally able to move the waste through on its own.  And while the colon hydrotherapy is helping your body rid itself of wastes that are building due to constipation, don’t forget that a colon cleanse in itself is a means to rid the body of toxins. So aside from helping you combat constipation it is helping you towards a healthier you.

When you are facing surgery, you shouldn’t have to also be concerned about constipation.  If you would like to learn more about how colon hydrotherapy can have a positive impact on your body, and help you with any constipation issues related to surgery, please contact us.

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