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Juicing and Colon Hydrotherapy – the Perfect Pair

October 18, 2021

Maybe you’ve heard about juice cleaning but don’t know much about it. It’s important before undertaking any type of new regimen that you are knowledgeable and feel comfortable with the process and benefits. First, think about your body like a garden.  A garden needs fertilizer, hydration, sunshine and weeding to flourish, and so does your body. In terms of your body, the fertilizer is the proper nutrition, the hydration is water, the sunshine is just that, sunshine providing Vitamin D, and the weeding involves tending to your body. Tending to your body involves exercise, along with healthy regimens such as juicing and colon hydrotherapy. It’s is a combination of all of these areas that produces a strong, healthy you.

Maybe up to this point your diet has left a little bit to be desired. That’s ok – today is a new day! But let’s talk a little bit about processed foods, so you understand why they are so detrimental to your health. Processed foods are of absolutely no benefit to you or your body. It is actually quite the opposite. Empty calories, chemicals, no nutritional substance – this all combines to cause a toxic environment in your body, and this negatively impacts your health as these toxins grown throughout your system – in your tissue, intestines, gall bladder, kidneys, and the list goes on. This toxicity impairs elimination.  Through juicing you are eliminating processed foods in your diet, thus giving your body a break from all the work it needs to do to digest these processed foods.

The juice cleanse itself is a process that will cleanse your body of toxins and waste. This process is done through the consumption of strictly fresh raw vegetables and fruit juice. Through the intake of solely juice, your digestive system is given a well-deserved break from dealing with solid food. In turn your body can work on building itself up and regenerating. In addition, during this juicing process your body will be free of having to handle animal products, processed starches and refined sugars.

Energy – it’s something we all want. To have energy you need to nourish yourself properly. Fruit and vegetable juices are just that, nourishing and cleansing. They help to regenerate your system. These juices provide what your body needs – vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and enzymes.  The key to what makes juicing so successful is through the juicing process fibers are set free. This allows the body to digest easily, and the body can focus its energy on ridding itself on toxins and mucous.

Throughout your juicing regimen, colon hydrotherapy is the perfect companion to complete the elimination process.  During a juice cleanse your intestines shift a bit in how they work, because they are accustomed to solid foods. A colonic can help you complete your task of eliminating all toxins from your colon in a safe, comfortable way.

Please reach out to me at contact us so we can discuss how the juicing/colonic couple can work for you.

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