Colonic Procedure

During Your Procedure

After simple instruction, the therapist leaves the room and in private, you the client undress from the waist down and position yourself comfortably on the Angel of Water Device The client then gently and easily inserts the sterile, disposable, ‘pencil-thin’ Angel of Water rectal tube about one and a half inches into their bottom, still in privacy (the Angel of Water rectal tube is single-use, individually packaged and is properly disposed of after the session). The client then covers themselves from the waist down, presses a pager to let the therapist know to return, and the session begins.

Water flows through a carbon filter, which removes any sediment, rust or chlorine. The water is then purified again, by an Ultra Violet purification system, before it enters the body. It’s slightly warmed before being gravity-fed down to the base unit where the client is comfortably reclined and draped. The water is temperature-controlled, purified and carefully introduced into the body via the rectal tube. The tube stays in place throughout the treatment, held there by the sphincter muscles, while water and faeces release naturally around it. Waste then flows into a well beneath your bottom and out to the sewerage system. The device has a viewing tube so you can see what is coming out of your system. An odor exhaust fan ensures the session room remains odor free.

During a treatment, the client will experience several gentle fills and releases of water which eliminates the debris of putrefied and impacted fecal matter, excessive mucus, gases and in some instances, one or more forms of parasites. Gently filling and emptying the colon of water improves the peristaltic (wave-like) muscle action, which increases your transit time of waste material and your natural ability to eliminate. It’s like an aerobics class for your bowel! (The bowel is a muscular organ and the gentle expansion and contraction as it fills and releases are fabulous exercise to enhance its overall and ongoing function).

This is plumbed directly into the sewerage mains, and fitted with an extractor fan to remove odor. No mess, no smell, and without compromising the dignity of the individual! A rinsing sprayer is used to rinse your bottom after the session.

A Colon Hydro therapist will always be nearby to monitor and provide you with assistance and comfort as needed. To promote the release of accumulated toxic waste matter, Kate can apply heat packs or abdominal massage and/or foot reflexology. Or you may wish to experience most of your session in private, with the Colon hydotherapist on hand as you choose at the press of a pager beside you.

A session lasts approximately 45 minutes (allow 1 1/2 hrs for initial treatment, 1 hr for subsequent treatments).

After Your Session

Colonics have a truly relieving effect. A client should have a feeling of lightness, cleanness, and clarity of mind soon after the colonic is finished.

It is beneficial to drink 1-2 glasses of water afterwards and eat a piece of fruit or some freshly prepared fruit juice ½ hour later. The first one or two meals after the treatment should be light and not contain food items such as meat, eggs, cheese, fried foods, etc.

After the colonic, the bowel movement will become naturally restored within about two days. If it takes longer than that, it indicates that the colon has accumulated unduly large amounts of waste over a period of many years. To soften up and flush out all the waste may require a series of colonics and, of course, a balanced diet and lifestyle.


One colon hydrotherapy session may be equivalent to having several regular bowel movements. As you continue colon therapy, future sessions can prove to be even more effective as the older, harder mucus coated feces are softened and dislodged from the colon walls.

The therapist will answer any questions and communicate with you throughout your session. Upon conclusion, she will evaluate your session progress and determine if any further sessions would be beneficial. Many people have reported a feeling of mental clarity, heightened energy, a renewed sense of wellbeing, and vitality after a colon hydrotherapy session. Since your colon will be cleaner, you may experience more frequent, fuller, easier eliminations, which may improve your overall health.

An initial series of 3 is recommended. The therapist can discuss your options after your first session. If you decide to do a series of three, a maintenance plan of one session per month is recommended. We offer a special package for 3 sessions.