I believe that addressing your body holistically is the key to health. I believe that you need to listen to your body because it tells you when it is in need of healing. And I believe you must combine the areas of nutrition, exercise, a positive mindset, along with a balanced life to truly experience optimal health.

I believe, and know, that digestion plays a large role in your health, much larger than you may even realize. And that is why I founded Scottsdale Hydrotherapy. Through a holistic approach we will start on a path to increase your health, which in turn will enhance your life. Sometimes the ailment you are facing is the reaction to another issue in your body. When we address you as a whole, this becomes clear and we can take you on a path to realization and completion. Your comfort, both physical and mental, is of the upmost importance when you visit us, and we provide a calming, relaxed and discreet environment to put you at ease.

I look forward to hearing from you, so we can start you on path to increased health and life satisfaction.