About Us

My name is Marina Ortega, an I-ACT certified colon hydrotherapist and owner of Scottsdale Hydrotherapy.

I speak through personal experience when I say that hydrotherapy can work wonders. A stressful corporate career spanning 23 years led to a litany of chronic health issues, most notably with my digestion. I also experienced thinning hair, multiple food sensitivities, anxiety, depression and more.

I tried everything from juicing and fasting to elimination diets and other exotic nutritional therapies, all to no avail. After spending years of my life and thousands of dollars, I still couldn’t properly concentrate on my work or personal life due to the physical, mental and emotional strain of my digestive issues. Thankfully, I found a solution before suffering any permanent damage.


Through colon hydrotherapy and clean eating, I not only sorted out my digestive issues, but I experienced some wonderful side effects as well, including a major boost in energy, improved mental health and a renewed sense of purpose and joy in my life. Everything from my work performance to my relationships improved.

In short, hydrotherapy transformed my life.

I found the amazing benefits of colon hydrotherapy the hard way, but you don’t have to. I opened Scottsdale Hydrotherapy as a way for me to share my experience and my healing with those who suffer as I once did. I know you may be feeling some hesitance, maybe even some embarrassment, but I assure you – I’ve been there. And you don’t have to be there any longer. The help you’ve been looking for is here. Contact us today and experience it for yourself!

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